Providing treatment from A to Z!
Providing treatment from A to Z! 

Presenting the Team


At the Health & Wellness Center, it is our goal to make sure you feel your best and stay that way. You can count on our many years of experience, our highly trained team of wellness professionals, and exquisite professional service. Read below to learn more about our team.

Dr. Secil Schodroski, FNP-C, DNP Founder of the Health & Wellness Center

Dr. Secil Schodroski, Founder and CEO Dr. Secil Schodroski, FNP-C, DNP, Founder of the Health & Wellness Center

My name is Dr. Secil Schodroski and I'm a Family Nurse Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing Practice. In reflection mode, I think back and would like to share my medical journey.


At around 12 years of age I knew that someday I would become a nurse. My great grandparents instilled in me values, strength, and the understanding that the word “can’t” does not exist.

By the time I was 17, my great grandparent’s health was failing and I became their primary caregiver. The strong compassion to care for them was effortless. I also gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy in the world. I then carried the single mother title. I started Junior college at 18 years old with all of my prerequisites geared toward nursing. Juggling being a waitress, a college student, and a young mother was a challenge. Thank God for all of the family support.


Over the years, I excelled from one nursing program to another. My degree status contents consist of CNA, LPN, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP, and DNP. Clearly the word “can’t” does not exist, as my great grandparents stated.

Currently, I have 20 years' experience in the medical field. I have thousands of hours in practice, clinical, practicum, travel nursing, and internships of training. I have never once dreamed of owning my own business. I was always satisfied with clocking in to someone else’s clock. I believe that it was the natural thought of having the feeling of being secure.

However, that idea quickly changed once I found myself unhappy, not being able to provide quality care to my patients, and having the feeling of being rushed in the workplace. My last place of employment was the driving force to guide me into the notion of I can provide quality care to patients on my own. My last employer compelled me to pilot my career and to land on both feet.

I believe in quality patient care. With quality care upfront and being maintained, quantity will be sustained in the long run. Sometimes in life fear keeps us safe, and there are times it can hold us back. I believe that I needed that punch of confidence to move forward. I believe that my last employer provided that goal to me without knowing it. One may never know where their fate may be; however, it is the journey that places us, supports us, and carries us to the destination of where we are supposed to be. 


I am a member of the Saint Louis Nurses in Advance Practice and I am licensed in both Missouri and Illinois to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am also member of the Black Business and Professional Association as well as ACLS certified and CPR certified. 

Taron Blount, Business Practice Administrator

Taron Blount, our Business Practice Administrator Taron Blount, our Business Practice Administrator

My name is Taron Blount, B.S., MBA and I am the Business/Practice Manager. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. During middle school, I decided that I wanted to be an Electrical Engineer. I thought it would be cool to make the parts that make electricity. This changed during my senior year in high school. After a talk with my My Uncle Ronald, who I have looked up to for many years, I decided that getting my MBA was a better choice. Since that time, I have accomplished that goal. Now I can proudly say that I am working side-by-side with my amazing sister and a great team. I am married and I have two handsome and smart sons.


My goal is to help anyone get their life filled with happiness, healthiness, wellness and fulfillment. I can only help those that want my help. I can say with the help of my sister, I am not only the Manager, but also a patient. I love my sister, I love this center, and I love what we stand for with the health and wellness of the community. I am on a mission to help as many people as I can to live a strong and healthy life.

Shasta Demecs, Registered Nurse

Shasta Demecs, Registered Nurse at Health & Wellness Center Shasta Demecs, Registered Nurse

My name is Shasta Demecs. I currently live in St. Louis with my 6-year-old son Tristin and our dog Tonka. I found that my place in this world is anywhere that I can help educate and care for people in trying to achieve their highest level of health, using my skills as a Registered Nurse.


My journey began at a small nursing home in Cape Girardeau, MO. This is where I became a certified nursing assistant. I cared for the elderly and specialized in an ambulatory Alzheimer’s unit. It is where I began to see the reward I felt when I could bring joy, peace and quality care to the people I was responsible for. In 2000, I graduated from Applied Technologies Licensed Practice Nurse Program which is where I met Secil for the first time. I stayed in Orthopedics for about another year. From there I did Agency Nursing. I worked as a home health nurse, in nursing homes, and at a couple of local hospitals. I saw in myself that I could do more, but was limited as a Practice Nurse. I went to Lutheran School of Nursing where I graduated in 2004, second in my class.


Immediately after graduation, I started working at Des Peres Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit that specialized in Cardiac Care. I worked at Des Peres for a total of 10 years. After 3 years of ICU, I joined the float pool team. I worked in all areas of the hospital including Endoscopy, Cardiac Cath Lab, Orthopedics, Acute Care for the Elderly, Cardiac Telemetry, General Medical-Surgical, Cardiac Care Unit, and Outpatient Surgery. The Administration Team then offered a position to become a part of that team as a House Supervisor. This opportunity showed me a whole other side to working in the medical field. Still a member of the Float Pool team, I was then "floated" to the cardiology practice, Advanced Heart and Vascular. I once again was introduced to an entirely different aspect of nursing as an office nurse. After a year there, I was offered an opportunity to work in a larger cardiology practice.


I have also been fortunate to have developed relationships with so many caring, competent, and successful people. The one relationship I am most thankful for in my journey is the one I have with my best friend, Secil. We have come a long way in our nursing careers and we both have taken different paths. I believe that our method is going to play a huge role in making our community healthier and happier, one patient at a time.

Shasta Demecs, Registered Nurse at Health & Wellness Center Angela Viehman, LPN & Practice Manager

My name is Angela Viehman and I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and Practice Manager of The Health and Wellness Center.  I did not know it at the time, but my medical career began in 1982 when I was 13-years-old as a candy striper at Jefferson Memorial Hospital (JMH) in Crystal City, Missouri.  My mother felt I needed to make good use of my summer break from school and introduced me to the rewards of serving others. It also turned out to be the year my beloved grandmother had open heart surgery (a double bypass) at JMH, so I was able to care for her as well as work as a candy striper.  I was very grateful for the opportunity to be in a place to care for my grandmother in her time of need. That summer was a pivotal time in my life allowing me to discover the personal satisfaction of caring for others.


While the path of my medical career truly began in the summer of 1982, there were a few detours over the span of several years before I began my professional leg of the journey.   In 1987, I graduated high school, started college as a business administration student, had 3 jobs simultaneously as a unit secretary at JMH, a sales associate at a tanning salon, and a crew member at White Castle.  After three years of that, I quit college, got married, and cut down to one job at a financial institution as an assistant office manager. I changed jobs a few times over the next few years, all in various forms of business that never fulfilled me the way caring for people in the medical field had. I then took a job at Washington University (Wash U) as an administrative assistant/research assistant in the Pediatric Department of St. Louis Children’s Hospital where, once again, I must thank my mother.  She was working at Washington University at the time. She knew I was unhappy at my job and insisted I should apply at Wash U. I worked there for five years. It was one of my favorite most rewarding jobs. I met incredibly intelligent and talented people. I worked with some truly brilliant doctors and support staff that became my friends and taught me valuable work and life lessons. I consider myself very fortunate to have had that experience, as it was another pivotal, enlightening time in my life.  I, again, discovered my desire to help and serve others in the medical field. However, life took a few more detours. I had three beautiful children, a few other jobs, five years as a stay-at-home mom, and then I finally did it! I went back to school in 2004 as a nursing student. I became a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2006 and have been extremely fortunate in my nursing career to gain experience in varied medical settings such as long-term acute care hospitals, hospital mental health units, skilled nursing homes, intermediate care nursing homes, Alzheimer’s and dementia care specialty homes, home health, and doctor’s offices and to be surrounded by exceptional medical professionals that have furthered my self-education on a daily basis.  


Dr. Secil is one of those exceptional medical professionals of whom I speak.  We met at Kindred Hospital when I was a CNA and she was still an LPN back in 2005.  I started my LPN career there in 2006. We have been friends ever since. I am proud to call her my best friend and I’m so thankful for the opportunity she has given me as a professional to manage her practice and serve our community.  I thoroughly enjoy serving our community in this private practice setting to provide quality healthcare that affords our patients the opportunity to live their best lives.

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